Rugova Mountains, to the top of Rusolia
Rugova Mountains, to the top of Rusolia

  • The trails and footpaths of countryside, are of the longest you can imagine in beautiful nature of country’s mountains, accompanied by the birds chirping throughout your walks. You may either choose the “Peaks of Balkans” or “Via-Dinarica”, to have an unforgettable hiking experience....
  • In recent years, many world tour companies have put Kosovo on their map of places to be visited as an ideal place for hiking. The most preferred places for hiking remain the Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps) such as: the road to the Drelaj Lake, Summit of Gjeravica, Rusolia, the gorge of Deçan to Heart Lake (Liqeni i zemrës), but also the Sharr mountains, with hiking trails starting from Luboten Summit in the east and with the southernmost point of Kosovo, Brod, which offers ideal terrain for hiking, to Lake Shutman, and many other places which will undoubtedly suit your needs. The trails are of different difficulties offering pleasure of hiking to everyone.


Via Ferrata, Rugova Canyon
Via Ferrata, Rugova Canyon

  • Not necessarily you need the climbing shoes, chalk bag and equipment such as ropes, bolts, nuts and hexes to head to the routes of the Western and the Southern Kosova for this activity. ...
  • One of the many activities you can do during your stay in Kosovo, particularly those of extreme sports, is climbing the rocks of the mountains in the Rugova gorge (Via Ferrata), west of the city of Peja, at the entrance to the Rugova gorge.
  • Any climbing enthusiast can do this, regardless of your experience level, as climbing experts will be there to meet your needs and offer all the equipment for safe climbing.
  • Another place for climbing the Via Ferrata, is in the gorge of Deçan. The climbing route on this trail is about 400m and as the one offered in Peja, is of the world standards and very safe.
  • Furthermore, an additional place for climbing is Panorama, which is located near the city of Prizren, in the rocky part of the Lumbardhi valley, only 5 kilometers on the outskirts of Prizren. With a path of 500 meters, you can reach the top after about 1 hour and 40 minutes, while the views offered there are amazing.
  • The choices of climbing do not end here. You can also have a climbing experience at the Mirusha waterfalls canyon. Undoubtedly one of the most attractive places in Kosovo. We recommend that you bring climbing equipment to this location.


Germia Park, Prishtinë

  • Whether you choose the Gërmia National Park or along the Badovc Lake you will experience the most attractive paths for biking. You may choose a bike for rent and wonder by yourself or be joined by a guided tour by professionals....
  • Biking in Kosovo has taken a big leap in recent years. One of the most favorite places for this sport is Gërmia Park, which is located on the east of Prishtina. Even if you don't have your own bike, don't worry! You can rent the bike that suits your needs at the entrance of this trail.
  • For those who prefer longer cycling routes we have a great recommendation, you may begin the trail journey by, starting from Prishtina, Gërmia, to the village of Mramor then continuing along Lake Badovci, Graçanica (with the possibility of stopping at the archeological city of Ulpiana). Finally, the end of journey will be back to Prishtina.
  • Other places where such activities take place are Rugova gorge, Deçani gorge and along the lake of Dukagjini, which is located near the city of Gjakova.
  • In Kosovo, various cycling competitions are organized by the Cycling Federation of Kosovo.

Horse riding

The Vali Ranch, Gjilan
The Vali Ranch, Gjlan

  • Horse riding is an added adventure of your stay in Kosovo that will enrich your visit even more. One of the places that offers this opportunity of a world standard is Vali Ranch, east of the city of Gjilan....
  • You have the option to choose the horse you want to ride, be alone or in a group, ride inside the resort yard or go out for a horse ride on the horse-only trails that last up to an hour and pass-through villages and mountains up to at the artificial lake of the city of Gjilan.
  • Other horse-riding opportunities in Kosovo are Guri i Plakes Ranch, Xoni Ranch, Leoni Ranch (all of these in the district of Pristina) as well as Alpine Ranch House, which is located on the outskirts of the city of Peja. The Alpine Ranch House has an Adventure Park too, with entertainment options for children and adults.

Wine Testing

Stone Castle Winery, Rahovec
Rahovec Wineyards, Rahovec

  • Produced in Kosova there are wine festivals and wine tasting from the summer to the winter. You may taste the wine while is being produced at wine yards or after already packed. Either way you will enjoy the finest wines in the world....
  • The regions with early traditions of grape cultivation and processing are those of Rahovec and Theranda. In addition to the mass (industrial) processing of grapes, in the Rahovec region you can find the tradition of grape processing in many families, where some of them are open for visits, with the possibility to buy a bottle of wine and other grape products.
  • And to taste the best world class wines, we recommend those of: Stone Castle Vineyard and Winery, Ilyrian Winery and Vineyards, Kosova Wine Vinery, Bodrumi i Vjetër, and Sefa Wine Vineyards, all of these in the city of Rahovec. Another place for wine tasting is in the beautiful town of Theranda, a place with an early tradition of grape processing.


Brezovica Ski Resort, Brezovicë
Brezovica Ski Resort, Brezovicë
Brezovica Ski Resort, Brezovicë

  • The great skiing resorts joined by the great local food and wine are undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions. The most known skiing centers are Brezovica and Brod in Southern Kosova and Bogë in Western Kosova....
  • The tourist village of Brezovica is located just one hour away from the capital of Kosovo, which offers ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. The modern cable car will take you to the best altitude to descend the mountains on skies or snowboard Another place where you can challenge yourself in skiing is the village of Brod, in the south of Kosovo. About 1 hour away, in the south-west of the city of Prizren, there is the tourist village of Brod, where you will have the opportunity to experience the valley of this place, and the high peaks of the mountains, ideal for winter sports, where you can also use the cable car lately mounted.
  • For skiing, the beautiful and picturesque village named Bogë can also be visited. This place is located at the edge of the Rugova gorge, surrounded by mountains and small tourist villages, about 30 km west of the city of Peja. This is a place which is rapidly becoming a favorite resort in Kosovo, where many holiday cottages are available, to accommodate the countless visitors.


Rugova Valley
Lake Vasilevë

  • If you’re wondering where to spend your holidays in spring or autumn for camping, then Kosova offers the choice of that. From May to November the camping is organized by alpine clubs and other tour operators including the transfer and renting tents for your enjoyable moments under the moon light....
  • In addition to those who prefer to camp in tents, there are also many mountain cabins that offer accommodation. Many of the mountain cottages that offer accommodation are located along the Accursed Mountains, such as in the village of Bogë and other villages of Rugova (Rugova 93 km from Pristina) in western Kosovo.
  • Other favorite places for camping in Kosovo are the village of Prevallë and other parts of the Lumbardhi valley of Prizren, as well as the south of Kosovo with the villages of Brod and Restelicë (Dragash region, about 120 km from the capital city Prishtina) which are famous for their beautiful nature that these places offer.


Sleeping Beauty, Radac
Queen’s Cave Rugova Valley
Queen’s Cave Rugova Valley

  • A hugely exciting and endlessly fascinating amusement is the visit of caves in Kosova. The “Sleeping Beauty “Cave is in Radavc with the amazing rock formations, then you may explore the “Shpella e Gadimës” Cave and a lot of other beautiful natural caves....
  • Cave lovers may find Kosovo a paradise for speleological adventures. An article about the caves in Kosovo has also been dedicated to it by the prestigious National Geographic during the year 2022.
  • Many caves are in Rugova gorge.
  • Learn the history of the Queen's and King’s Caveswhile enjoying the adventure of Via Ferrata over the Lumbardh River of Peja.
  • Radavci Cave (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Another cave is that of Radavci (Sleeping Beauty) located near the village of Radavc, about 15 kilometers north-west of the city of Peja, and is located near the source of the Drini i Bardhë river (a place you must pay a visit).
  • This cave, consisting of several galleries, is open to the public and offers the right infrastructure (lighting and stairs with protection) to pass from one gallery to another. It is preferred by cave lovers as well as anyone who wants to see this work of our natural heritage up close. This cave is still unexplored so you will definitely be curious to revisit it again.

Bear Watching

The Bear Sanctuary Prishtina, Mramor
The Bear Sanctuary Prishtina, Mramor

  • The Bear Sanctuary Prishtina was established to create a haven for the so-called 'restaurant bears' in Kosova, which were kept in small, dilapidated cages near restaurants to attract customers....
  • Bear Sanctuary is open to visit, and it is very popular in the country, much preferred by children but adults too. For photography enthusiasts, it is an ideal place to take pictures of these bears.
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Zip Line & Adventure Park

The Zip Line, Rugova Canyon, Pejë

  • One of the top ten Zip Lines in the world is located at Rugova Canyon. Its length of 700m passes through the amazing nature of these kind of special beauties rarely consumed elsewhere. It is closely located to the Adventure Park in Peja city. The flight in this adventure lasts about 1 minute. The adrenaline you will get from the Zip Line will always remain unforgettable as one of your most memorable moments during your visit to Kosova....
  • The Zip Line is open every working day except Monday from 14:00 to 19:00, while on weekends it is open from 12:00.




Railway Museum, Fushë Kosovë
Ethnographic Museum, Prishtinë
National Museum of Kosova, Prishtinë

  • Almost every region in Kosova has museums, which represent and promote the culture and history of those regions, as well as the National Museum (the central one) located in the capital, Prishtina, known as the National Museum of Kosova....
  • While in Kosova do not miss the opportunity visiting the National Museum of Kosova and Ethnographic Museum located both in capital Pristina and the Archaeological Museum and Albanian League located in Prizren.

Religious Sites

Sinan Pasha Mosque, Prizren
Graçanica Monastery, Graçanicë
Sulltan Murat Mausoleum, Mazgit, Prishtinë
The Church of the Assumption of Letnica, Letnicë, Viti

  • Kosova is a place of religious and cultural heritage values. In Kosova, there are mosques from the Middle Ages, churches, monasteries, and mausoleums that satisfy every tourist who is passionate about these values....
    You may be amazed by a church and mosque at the same yard such in Ferizaj, Prizren etc. The tolerance between religion is unique attribute of Kosova citizens.


Shutman Lake, Brod, Dragash
The Zemra Lake, Accursed Mountains(Bjeshket e Nemuna)
The Zemra Lake, Accursed Mountains(Bjeshket e Nemuna)

  • In Kosova there is many lakes, both artificial and natural....
  • Among the artificial lakes, the following can be distinguished: Batllava Lake, Badoc Lake,Radoniqi Lake, Ujmani Lake, Dukagjini Lake, which, in addition to their beauty, supply the surrounding towns and villages with potable water.
  • While there are several glacial lakes in the mountains, which are mainly located in Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains) and in the mountains of Sharri.


Silver processing, Filigrani (Filigree), Prizren
Silver processing, Filigrani (Filigree), Prizren
Silver processing, Filigrani (Filigree), Prizren
Silver processing, Filigrani (Filigree), Prizren

  • In Kosova, handcrafts have gained a special place in our history and culture, which have been adapted in all times, both in the early ... and in the modern times. This culture is expressed in different forms such as painting, wood carving, sculpture, embroidery, as well as various forms of modern art and the processing of filigree with silver and other precious metals.


Ulpiana archaeological site, Gracanicë/Prishtinë
Ruins of Artana Cathedral, Artanë/Novobërdë

  • There are many archaeological sites in Kosova, while archeology as a field of study and research began in the second half of the 20th century. The field of archeology of Kosova has been developed together with historical studies, studies of the sources of ancient authors, research of theological data, topographical and historiographical studies....
  • The places that exhibit the archeology of Kosova and are accessible to visitors are the archaeological park of Ulpiana or Justiniana Secunda, which is in the southeastern part of Prishtina, and the archaeological site of Dresnik, located only 1.5 km east of the city of Klina.
  • Artifacts from the archeology of Kosova can be seen exhibited in the National Museum located in Prishtina.


Prevallë, Sharr Mountains, Prizren
Kuqishtë, Rugova Mountains, west Kosova

  • In Kosova, mountains make up about 63% of the territory. In the west of Kosova are Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains), where Gjeravica the highest peak in Kosova is lstands tall on its 2,630 meters. Within these mountains lies the Rugova Valley, which is known for its gorge and several villages that offer hostels for mountain lovers....
  • The Sharr Mountains are in the south of Kosova. These mountains are characterized by more snow in winter and many high peaks. They are less rich in water and are located between Kosova and North Macedonia.
  • Within these mountains there are also two ski centers, one in the tourist village of Brezovica, as well as the other at the southernmost end of the Sharr Mountains, in the village of Brod.
  • The iconic peak of Luboten (2,498 m) is located as part of the Sharr Mountains, which can be seen from any part of the Republic of Kosova.


Mirusha Waterfalls

  • Since there are many mountains in Kosova, there are also many waterfalls. Two of the waterfalls that you can visit and that are worth visiting at any time are the Mirusha waterfall and the Drini i Bardhë river waterfall....
  • Mirusha Waterfalls are a series of waterfalls located in Mirusha Park, in central Kosova. Over time, the waterfalls have created canyons and caves, with two shapes, the Mirusha River, which carved the canyon for 10 kilometers and created 13 lakes with waterfalls that will remain as one of the most beautiful memories of your lifetime. We recommend you not forget to take your camera with you, nevertheless.


  • In Kosova, the cuisine mainly consists of traditional dishes. Very similar to Albanian cuisine due to ethnic ties, but it has been significantly influenced and has adopted elements of other Balkan countries....
  • The most common dishes include pies, traditional pie known as “flija”, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, kebabs, etc. However, the cuisine varies slightly in different regions of the country. Likewise, bread, dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables are important elements in Kosovar cuisine, and most of them are produced by the local farmers.


©Gate Club
©Gate Club

  • Having the youngest population in the world, undoubtedly it brings the greatest nightlife around. The summer evenings begin from the Avenue in Prishtina, continues to the beautiful views of Peja and wider to the other city with a lot of beauties. ...
  • In those summer evenings which are not supposed to end up in a nice restaurant you may begin with a bar and end in a great nightclub which host world artists for music entertainment.
  • Nightlife in Kosova is not different from the western one. There are many different bars, discos, and clubs to suit everyone. During the summer, as most of the diaspora comes to Kosova, the life is getting more attractive in every center, especially in Pristina, where most of the night clubs are located.
  • You will be amazed with the great chats and hospitality of the youth, regardless of where you come from.



Chopin Piano Festival

  • Within this festival, big names of world music have performed, while this festival also promotes local and young artists....
  • Chopin Piano Fest Prishtina is a festival founded in Pristina, Kosova, by the Chopin Association of Kosova, on the 200th anniversary of the birth of the composer Frédéric Chopin, in 2010.

Prishtina International Film Festival

  • Also known as the Prishtina Film Festival and PriFilmFest, it is a film festival held annually in Pristina, which showcases internationally recognized cinema productions and draws attention to the Kosovar film industry. ...
  • Prishtina International Film Festival was created after the declaration of Kosova's independence in 2008, while the first festival was held in 2009.
  • For detailed information please click.

Beer Fest

  • Beerfest Kosova is the biggest beer festival in Kosova. Each year Beerfest represents the largest collection of beers ever tasted in public. Beerfest Kosova brings together all the people who enjoy good music, the best beers and great food. It started in 2011 and every year it is growing more and more. The festival takes place in the city of Pristina. So, if you are looking for a place full of joy, visit us and you will surely not be disappointed....
  • Beerfest Kosova brings together all the people who enjoy good music, the best beers and great food. It started in 2011 and every year it is growing more and more. The festival takes place in the city of Pristina. So, if you are looking for a place full of joy, visit us and you will surely not be disappointed.
  • BeerFest is organized from July 5-9.

Dokufest International Documentary & Short Film Festival

  • DokuFest, otherwise known as the International Documentary and Short Film Festival, is the largest film festival in Kosova. Recognized as one of the best film events in South East Europe, DokuFest is an EFA nominated short film festival as well as a BAFTA qualifying short film festival....
  • The 22nd edition was held from August 4-12, 2023
  • For detailed information please click.

Sunny Hill Music Festival

  • Sunny Hill Festival is the biggest music festival in Kosova and based on the headliners, probably the biggest in South East Europe. International music festival of the highest standards, one that puts Prishtina – Kosova on the festival map as a not to be missed cultural place, in a country that loves music and knows how to have fun....
  • In each edition, Sunny Hill Festival hosts more than 100,000 music lovers from around the world to come and experience the weekend of the festival with the best lineup - some of the best known performers of our modern time and charts - including Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, J Balvin, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Hardwell, Stormzy, Skepta, AJ Tracey, Action Bronson, Gashi and many more regional and international artists and performers.
  • Being featured on global media outlets, such as The Guardian, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Elle, Billboard.com and many many more, the festival has managed to appear on more than five thousand media articles, all across the world, reaching almost 1 billion impressions, 4M interactions and 4M likes among other KPIs. Additionally, by bringing together a great crowd of diverse people from all ages, this year’s editions managed to create a powerful progressive motion in economic, touristic and cultural development. Sunny Hill Festival is at the service of Sunny Hill Foundation. A featured story of Sunny Hill Festival on International New York Times click here.
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Hardh Festival in Rahovec

  • Without a doubt, Hardh Fest is one of the festivals that brings many tourists to Kosova. The grape harvest festival "Vine Fest" has its beginnings since 2001, where it was first organized by local associations, advancing, and taking the epithet of the festival at the national level, marking the beginning of the harvest and collection of grapes, as a crowning of the work of the growers....
  • As part of the festival, an entertainment program is offered, in which groups and individuals from the world of national and international music participate.
  • The festival was held in the city of Rahovec, lasts 3 days and is organized at the beginning of September.
  • For detailed information please click.

Gastronomy Festival

  • It is the second year of the Gastronomy Festival in Prishtina. It not only offers the great food tasting but it unites different cities and cultures through foods and recipes with a music program of enjoying the event while having nice food. It aims to become one of its kind as a world event....
    This festival is organized in Prishtina, on July 21-31.

Summer in Winter Festival (Vere ne Dimen)

  • Every year-end, at the beginning of December, the "Verë n'Dimën" festival is organized, giving Prishtina a festive look, in which the square is decorated in the best way. As part of this event, wooden lodges are placed that offer mulled wine, fresh drinks, and delicious local food....
  • This event is open to all and easily accessible, while it is preferred by all ages.
  • Another summer festival that is organized in Prishtina, by the Municipality of Prishtina, is “Akull n'Verë”/Ice in Summer. This festival is organized from July 15 to August 15.
  • For a month in a row, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the music that is organized in the capital's square, as well as food and drinks from the wooden lodges placed for this event.